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We understand the importance of adhering to the highest quality standards in every project we take on: Our expertise and careful craftsmanship delivers reliable, long-lasting solutions for clients.


Exterior House Painting

Here For You

Exterior painting is an intimidating venture for any home or business owner. it's something that is done so infrequently yet is so important to the health of your building that it becomes hard to make a educated and confident decision. At VBS we value transparent and constant communication as much as we value the end result. From the estimate to the final walk we will be there to make sure we get you every piece of information you need to make the right decision and therefor get the right result. 


Specialty Services

Exceptional Service

What makes VBS great is the mixture of different experiences in our work force, everybody has done a little bit of everything. this puts us in the awesome position to confidently say that anything from high-end furniture refinishing to power washing, you can name it and we'll get it done. 


Interior House Painting

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Interior painting is a burden nobody likes to bare, the unfortunate reality is that any contractor you decide to go with will be invading your space for a significant amount of time. in order to lessen that burden we take pride in a clean work environment( as clean as painting can be), appropriate working hours, and most importantly a timely job that wont be prolonged for weeks on end. At the end of the day these three points are mutually beneficial and foster the reoccurring clientele we are so happy to have. 

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About VB Solutions

Vinnedge Building Solutions is completely dedicated to client satisfaction. Our team is punctual and knowledgeable, placing us amongst the most trusted contractors on Vancouver Island. We’ve come a long way since our founding, but the operating values and integrity behind our services remain unchanged -- always passionate, always dedicated.


Please get in touch with any inquiries. Please include your contact information as well as any important details about your needs. 

Vinnedge Building Solutions

Real Solutions

Our business is founded on three main principles -- Quality, Pricing, and Service. These guide our philosophy for ensuring clients receive the product and service they deserve.

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2 Watkiss Way, Victoria BC


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2 Watkiss Way, Victoria BC


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